To track your order, simply look through the alphabetical list of names (last name, first initial). If you email your intent to order and request the password, I add your name. If I've received a bona fide order from you by mail, I type "received" after your name. If I've shipped the order, I type "shipped" after "received" after your name.

Of the many notices I receive via email, a few have never actually sent me an order. Since there have been two "accidents," I'm providing this tracking system for your peace of mind.

The accidents were as follows: One cash customer's order went to Guyana, South America before coming back to the States and reaching me. Everything was intact but there was a delay of nearly 2 months. Another cash customer's order got shredded in transit. It reached me in a plastic bag, the money still intact, but delayed about one week.

It is my wish to provide everyone with everything they order, in a timely manner.

I remove names two weeks after shipping.

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