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The River Church Located at Youth Futures
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This web site now resides
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Bernard Ankomah
4 February 2005
Visions and Prophecies
[I have no contact information for Brother Bernard. Sorry.]

Bernard AnkomahThis church is going to grow beyond our expectation. As I was praying this afternoon, the Lord showed me a very huge [parking lot], similar to what we have. I've not been here [before], but I saw it. Huge! Cars parked all over. I said, “God, this beautiful [parking lot]!”

He said, “Hold on a minute," and there was like a sheet of paper removed, I mean, just moved like that, off my sight. Then I saw a large room packed up with people, all kinds of people, all shades of people. But it's amazing. It was a huge auditorium, and the auditorium was not completed, yet the people were there, worshipping. And God said, “This is my house; this is my church I'm building. This is my house, and this is my home I'm building.”

And I know this is the church. So very soon you need to be running to services; you won't get a place to sit. Oh yes! Don't look at this African boy funny, because very soon it will be done.


The devil is going to dig deep pits, as the church gets ready to unfold the prophetic emphasis for which it was birthed. The devil is getting ready to dig deep pits, disguise them, and put large lump of meat, and events—enticing, provocative events—on it, to entice you to be trapped, to get offended. And Jesus says, “Don't take the meat.” There's going to be events in your life that are going to be very provocative, that are going to get you angry, they're going to get you mad, but Jesus said, “Don't get angry, don't get offended, don't get upset, because immediately you get upset, you fall into a spiritual pit, and the devil have you.”


…Jesus, we stand here together on behalf of this city, and we pray in Jesus Name, Father, please, we cry out to you, for the sake of the cross of Calvary. Father, reach out to this city. Let the streams of your love go beyond these walls, and touch the hearts of men and women, children, who need true love—the kind of love the world cannot give. Jesus, we pray that you propel them out of obscurity. Bring them out of darkness. Release them from any deceptive thought and teachings. We pray in Jesus' Name, Father. We stand in the gap for Christians in this city. And, Father, if we have wronged in any way, forgive us. If we have not portrayed your true nature in the best way we should, Father, forgive us. Forgive us for our shortcomings, even at times our laziness in sharing you. Forgive us, Jesus. Purge us with your precious blood. Father, deliver us from this coldness of the world today.

We pray in Jesus' Name that, Father, Your Spirit will be quickened in us. Holy Spirit, don't be grieved in us; don't be quenched in us. First of all, remind us of those we have offended, and those who have offended us. God, you know that we are human; you created us that way. At times it's not easy; at times it's difficult; at times it's very difficult. At times the offense hurts so deep: the rejection, the betrayal. At times it's very difficult; at times it's very painful. But, Father, we ask in Jesus' Name that, tonight, you will begin a work within us that releases in us that heavenly ability to begin to think of the possibility of releasing these men and women out of our hearts. Give us that willingness to begin to will to release these brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, uncles and nephews, and, Father, schoolmates and jobmates, and all these precious souls who, one way or another, have offended us or we have offended. Father, give us the grace to begin to think of them highly, even to deserve our forgiveness. We pray in Jesus' Name that, Father, You will renew our value of them. Give us a new sense of value for them, Father. Show us how you could use Saul to be a Paul in the Kingdom—a serial killer, we have thirty percent of the New Testament in him. These brothers and sisters may look like nothing, but God, we're pregnant with talents and skills and abilities that could change the lives of millions, Father, directly or indirectly, and all it takes is that through your grace tonight, You give us an ability to release them, to release them from the shackles of condemnation, from the shackles of God of our bitterness.

Our hearts are too small, Father, for Your Spirit to share it with other brothers and sisters. Holy Spirit, you don't want to share our heart with any. So, Lord, release our hearts, release our hearts, release our hearts, free from any brother or sister, any human being, Father. Detoxify our heart from the venom of these events, from the venom of these bitter events, these bitter experiences in our childhood, Father--all the rejection, the frustration, the abuses, Father, the satanic words that were spoken over us—in Jesus' Name, Father. Through the power of your shed blood, release us from these words right now. And those words we have spoken, Father, let the power of your blood neutralize them; let the power of your blood nullify these words over the lives of brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, schoolmates, jobmates, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and cousins. Oh God, that we have to do it. Father, we pray, “release them, Lord!”

Jesus, we ask you, let there be a fresh anointing in this building, upon our hearts right now, that will release every bitter experience out of us. Oh Jesus, Jesus, this is why you came; this is why you shed Your blood. And your grave is empty. That is why you are a live redeemer. Redeem us from these pits. Bring us out of these pits. We don't want to stay another night in this pit. It's too cold, it's too lonely, it's too dry, no food, no water. We don't want to be in this pit, Father. So we throw away the stick. We give it up, we give it up! Father, through your grace—only by grace can we enter into your presence—not by human endeavors, but by your blood. So by your blood we approach the throne of grace, and we obtain mercy. We obtain mercy through your shed blood.

Daddy, we cry out to you. We cry out to you on behalf of our relatives that are not yet born again--brothers and sisters who are not yet born again, who one way or the other, have been offended by a Christian. Father, please, we stand in the gap tonight. We pray that all these wrong imageries of Christianity that have somehow been directly or indirectly imposed on the minds of these brothers and sisters and family, and relatives, we pray these imageries will be washed and scrubbed away. This false distortion of Christianity, Father, please, take it away. In Jesus' Name, by the power of agreement, for your Word says that when two or three shall agree on this planet as touching anything in the context of your will, it shall be done. It's Your will that all shall be saved. It's Your will that all will come to know the depths and breadth and length and width of your love. It's your will that all will come to bask in your love, and be changed of you. So, Father, please save our relatives, save our brothers and sisters, our uncles, our cousins, our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Save them, Lord, tonight, in the Name of Jesus. Bring them out of the pit of bitterness and unforgiveness, Lord.

In the Name of Jesus, give us a fresh understanding of life, a fresh understanding of you, a fresh understanding of others, that, Father, we may be kind, that we may be kind, that, Father, we may be kind. Let the strings of kindness be renewed in us, let the fountains of compassion be rekindled in us, Lord. Let the streams of compassion begin to gush out, Lord, unhindered, in the Name of Jesus.

Father, some of these things within our hearts have choked the gifts of the Spirit. That is why the prophecies are gone, the word of knowledge is gone, the word of wisdom is gone, the spirit of faith is gone. The gifts of the Spirit are choked in the church because of all this toxic waste. Lord, we come to you tonight in agreement, as your children, and we look to you. You are the sun; shine on us. Let this darkness out of us. Remove this darkness out of us. Father, let it out of this city. In the Name of Jesus, we push back this darkness far from this city, far from the churches, the ministers, the deacons, the leaders, the musicians, the ushers. Oh Father, for every Christian in this city, we pray this darkness be pushed away, in Jesus' Name. Not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit, Daddy, you can do the impossible. You can do impossible things. You can do beyond and above what we are even thinking or saying right now. So, Lord, do it. You don't need the strength of horses to do anything, Father. You are God by yourself. So arise on the wings of our prayer and, Father, shake off the beast of offense, shake off the beast of offense out of this city, out of this ministry, out of every one of us, Master. Please help us…

… We don't want to touch this large lump of meat again; we don't want to touch it again. This pit is not for us, devil, this pit is not for us. We are meant for the mountain; we are meant for the top. We are meant for the release of many, for the salvation of many, for the conquering of territories. We are meant for the conquering of nations and families for Jesus. We will not go down this pit again. We will not refer to these problems again. We will not refer to these offenses again, through the strength that Jesus gives. We receive that grace right now, Father, from you hands.

Out of your belly flows rivers: rivers of joy, rivers of liberty, rivers of healing. Out of your belly flows rivers of restoration, rivers of renewal, rivers of quickening. Your prayer life has been changed right now. Your desire for the Word of God has been changed right now, because something has shifted in the spirit world. The Father has salvaged us out of the wicked hands of the enemy, that seeks to steal the jewels of the Spirit of God in us. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the power of the cross. Thank you for the empty grave. Thank you for Calvary, Jesus. Thank you for the release of gifts in this place. Thank you for the release of gifts of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for the quickening of the gifts. Anoint their lips with fresh oil, Master.

The gifts of the Holy Ghost are being stirred right now! Are being quickened right now! The Spirit is rejoicing; the Holy Ghost is glad. The Spirit of God is glad. The Holy Ghost is stirring [them up] within you. This is what He's been waiting for. Something in you is breaking forth right now.

Your lips are touched with fire. Your lips are soaked with fire. Your lips are touched with the coals of fire.

The Father forgives. The Father forgives. He washes away. He scrubs you clean. The Father liberates. The Father brings you to the rivers—the rivers of refreshing and newness, the rivers of love and kindness, the rivers of forgiveness. Drink of Him. Drink of Him!

Your father is free, your mother is free, your sisters are free, your brothers are free, your uncle is free, your cousin is free. Oh, that man who molested you, that man is free. The same Jesus who saved you is saving that man. The same Jesus that touched you is touching him. I know what he did was wrong. I know it hurt you. I know it killed something in you, but Jesus is the resurrection and the life. And right now He resurrects that which was dead. He brings to pass, He brings to life that which was dead, the jewels that were stolen by that event. That jewel has been restored by the Father. He restores that jewel in you right now. Sister, brother receive the healing of God.

He's your shield, He's your deliverer.

Praise you, Master. Praise you, Lord.

There's a newness. You will begin to realize your finances will begin to change. Realize your posture, your attitude will begin to change. You'll begin to realize that prayer becomes a delight. You'll realize that reading the Bible becomes very easy. You'll begin to realize that something new is breaking forth because that cloud has been moved. It has been shifted off from your family, off from your children. Your children will not inherit this toxic waste. No, your family cannot inherit this toxic waste. You dumped it at the foot of the cross.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Deliverer. Thank you, Master. Father, I have done what you wanted me to do. Now confirm Your Word among Your people. We thank you, Jesus.

Oh Father, He makes us glad. He makes us glad. He makes us glad… I will say of the Lord, He is our strength. He's our song. He's our shelter. He's our strong tower. He's our deliverer. Thank you, Jesus, for open heavens upon this ministry, and open heavens upon this church. Father, I thank you my ears will hear it, my eyes will see it, of many lives transformed, renewed, blessed, loved, encouraged, motivated, equipped, empowered, and relaunched like rockets of deliverance across the length and breadth of this area, and beyond. Thank you, Father, for an open heavens. My eyes are beholding snowflakes coming down, snowflakes of His goodness, snowflakes of His power. Thank you, Jesus, for divine expansion and enlargement, giving you praise, oh Lord, for healings in this place. For thousands are going to come to this altar, getting saved and healed, repaired of the Lord, restored of the Lord, loved by the Master. Thank you, Father, that it's done. Giving you praise that buses will go from south, east, and west, and will bring them in--the buses of this ministry.

Thank you, Father, the land is gotten. Thank you, Father, the auditorium is built. I give you praise, oh God, that The River Church will be a church of a difference. Men and women will come from the south, east, and the west, saith the Lord. They will come from the south, east, and the west of this nation, just to come and bask in the love of God. It will not be a time of rushing through things, but it will be a place where the hearts of men and women will rest—a resting place for troubled souls, a resting place for troubled souls. A place of refuge for those that are hunted by religious devils, saith the Lord. I shall arise with the wings of healing, and I shall bring hope and vitality, new strength and life, hope and direction to many that are found wanting. I shall repair the weak knees, and strengthen the feeble hands, saith the Lord. I am the God of Jacob, and I will not allow the enemy to touch you, like I protected Jacob from Esau. I will protect you from the venom of the enemy by day and night, through the words of men, it shall not stand, for I am with you. I'm holding, strengthening, and inspiring you, navigating you through a crooked and perverted generation, shining like light—a beam of hope to many.

Holy Spirit, please see with our eyes, hear with our ears, speak through this church, speak through all of us, speak through us. Speak with our lips, tomorrow, wherever we go, speak through our lips, touch with our hands, heal with our hands, prosper with these hands, guide and lead through these hands. Love with this heart of ours, Holy Spirit. Think with our minds, dream with our minds, and walk with our feet. We thank you, Jesus, for absolute deliverance. Thank you for open heavens upon our lives, and upon our families, and our loved ones. Thank you for tremendous miracles this week—tremendous miracles. Thank you, Lord, for strange manifestations of Your goodness in areas of our lives we've never had a miracle. Thank you, Father, that seven days from today—seven days—within seven days of today shall be the best moments of our lives, in the sense that there will be divine encounters, heavenly encounters that will be such a release in our hearts, because something is broken in the spirit. Satan has lost a big deal of grounds, for every soul that stands in this place.

Thank you, Master. Thank you. We are so grateful. Hallelujah. Amen.

Copyright 2004-2005 by The River Church/M.L. Arnoldussen. All rights reserved.