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I provide two different styles of order forms to meet your preferences:

  1. Print, then fill out
  2. Fill out, then print

To use order form #1, set computer resolution to 1024 X 768 by selecting "Display" in the "Control Panel." Choose the "Settings" tab, move the slider on left to the appropriate setting. Go to Form #1, right click on background, select "print." Fill the form out by hand.

To use order form #2, fill out the required fields by placing your cursor as needed (tab key works, too), then type in the appropriate information. Print the form using the printing instructions for form #1. You can always hand-write additional information on the printed form.

DO NOT USE OBSOLETE ORDER FORMS. If it's been a while, check web site for product updates/print a current order form. If you print these to hand out to basket class students, please warn them.

Thank you for your order.



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