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Contemporary basket with set jewel and gemstone beads

Wire setting patterns

Pendant stones for sale, set with 14k gold filled wire, are for attaching to a necklace or for use as "basket jewelry." Prices vary depending on weight of stone and complexity of setting. Priority shipping is added to final price. Pattern for pictured basket is included free with stone purchase.

Most stones available for sale have gold filled settings to prevent tarnishing. Oval stones currently available are 25 X 18 mm. Each is approximately 17 carats. Smaller stones are also offered.

Stones work well placed on the final rim coil of a basket, catching the bail in a stitch (recommend a vertical stitch, looped more than once). They also work as a "pull" on a lid. They can be placed anywhere the artist wishes to put them. As pendant stones, a smooth leather cord is suggested; attach the pendant using a lanyard hitch knot. Alternately, I can turn the bail for you so the pendant can be hung directly on a chain. Please make bail position selection when ordering, below, or include a note.

Mexican crazy lace agateDenim lapis lazuliTiger-eyeLeopard Skin JasperSodalitePetrified wood

Stone 1: $35.00. Mexican crazy lace agate. Gold filled setting. Length 1-7/8 in.

Stone 2: $35.00. Denim lapis lazuli. Gold filled setting. Length 1-15/16 in.

Stone 3: $35.00. Tiger-eye. Gold filled setting. Length 1-5/8 in. SOLD

Stone 4: $35.00. Leopard Skin Jasper. Gold filled setting. Length 1-15/16 in.NOT AVAILABLE

Stone 5: $35.00. Sodalite. Gold filled setting. Length 2 in.

Stone 6: $25.00. Petrified Wood. Gold filled setting. Length 1.5 in.

Shipping is free, US only. See stone choice sample number 7, amethyst. See stone choice number 8, rose quartz. See stone choice number 10, Lake Superior agate. Most stones pictured are actual piece you are buying, except numbers 3, 4 and 7. For these stones, I will make a pendant for you, similar to what is pictured.


To make a cool adjustable length necklace for your pendant using a leather or fiber cord, begin with about 40 inches of cord, attach the two ends of the cord to each other using a pair of hangman's noose knots, then attach a pendant to the cord using a lanyard hitch. Bail position needs to be "craft" for attaching with a lanyard hitch, but by doing it this way, the cord can be used interchangeably on any pendant having a large enough front facing hole. Inquire about purchasing a black leather necklace cord like the photo sample: $10.00.

The following photo shows a pendant (craft bail style) with a decorative adaptor that happens to be worked in silver.

Pendant adaptor


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