Birch Bark Quill Box Basket and How-to Instruction Book

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Birch Bark Quill Box boxes basket baskets

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Dimensions: 4.5" diameter X 2.75" depth. Triumph! After nearly two years, I have completed a birch bark quill box. Why so long? Oh, not because it actually takes that long to make one, but because there's so little published on how to do it. I found brief explanations on how to quill, but only a very inadequate explanation of how to prepare birch and construct the box. What you see here is two years of experimentation, trial and error, examination of quill boxes in retail stores, and a lot of pondering on my part. I've published what I've learned in a new booklet entitled "Birch Bark Quill Box Primer." Kindle® e-book version available at Amazon. If you desire to try quill box making, you'll find this booklet most helpful. Including many detailed illustrations, it explains everything you need to know regarding preparation, cutting, seaming, cutting and fitting liners, etc. It also includes design templates for your quilling art, in case you can't draw.

Quill boxes are a Native American art form; I made one because I couldn't afford to buy one.



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