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NEW: Download printable CATALOG in PDF format.

Ordering information: Please send check, money order, or cash to: Peg Arnoldussen, 1908 N. Douglas St., Appleton, WI 54914. Prices include U.S. shipping, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico (Canadian residents should email me). Be sure to specify which book(s) you are ordering.

If you are planning to order all three publications, please consider ordering the new compiled version, "Coiled Art With Pine Needles and Raffia," instead. I don't recommend ordering the three plus "Coiled Art" (unless you really want to), because Coiled Art contains everything that's in the other three.

If you are going to order, please contact me or include your email address with your order. Then I can notify you of receipt of your order or easily address any problems.

If you wish, you can notify me of your intent to order with the following form. Of course, you still must submit your order via regular mail.


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Pine Needle Basics For Beginners - $4.00
Tips and Tricks on Pine Needle Basketry - $3.00
Stitch Glossary - $2.00
Coiled Art With Pine Needles and Raffia - $8.00
Brief message, if any:

Though sending cash is not usually recommended (I don't do it), I like receiving it because it saves me a trip to the bank to cash checks. When people send cash, I acknowledge receipt immediately and also ship immediately (next day). If you send cash, please wrap it in a sheet of paper so it can't be seen through the envelope.

The postal money orders, available at your local post office, are nice too. Of course, I have to visit the post office to cash them, but then I also mail the order while I'm there. Please--do not send credit card numbers; I cannot accept credit cards. I'd have to raise prices and sell more to make that cost effective. (See credit card option below.)

Once you've placed an order, you can track it with the "Order Tracker." Those who send me an email address will be emailed the password.

Tips booklet"Tips and Tricks on Pine Needle Coiling" My first booklet on pine needle basketry is a compilation of the pages of my web site, plus some extra stuff on figure eight starts. I wrote it simply because it's much easier to sit down with a bunch of pine needles and stitching material and look at a booklet than it is to look at a web site. Also, some web pages just don't print very well. 8 pages, illustrated, 8-1/2" X 5-1/2" $3.00 includes shipping.

Begin booklet"Pine Needle Basics for Beginners" Many people who inquired about my first booklet were actually looking for something to get them started rather than tips for somewhat experienced coilers. Out of these inquiries came my new booklet. It covers the following topics: choosing appropriate pine needles, raffia, and sewing needles, material preparation, detailed figure eight start, stitching concepts, shaping a basket, ending a basket, fitting a lid, hiding raffia ends, pinecone knobs, much more. All content is entirely new and not found on my web pages. 10 pages, illustrated, 8-1/2" X 5-1/2" $4.00 includes shipping.

Stitch Glossary"STITCH GLOSSARY for Pine Needle Basketry" This new item contains the illustrations on my Stitch Glossary page plus much more explanatory text. It's designed to be a reference tool for basket makers. It is in pamphlet form, 8.5" X 11" heavy card stock folded in thirds. The cost is $2.00 and includes shipping.

CoiledArt"Coiled Art With Pine Needles and Raffia" This new booklet is a compilation of the above 3. At the request of a crafts vendor, I decided to publish it and have it professionally printed. Because of the cost of color printing, all graphics are grayscale but exceptionally clear. My price, $8.00, includes shipping. Back to top.

Note: these publications are created with MS Word 97 and Paint Shop Pro. They are then printed with an HP DeskJet printer (except "Coiled Art"). Covers are 65 lb. card stock, pages are 20 or 24 lb. inkjet. Full color illustrations. Sorry, I do not email the .doc file.

PRINT QUALITY: I feel I need to mention my printer's behavior. I have an HP DeskJet 694C. Though I make every effort to keep the cartridges clean, it streaks black ink. If I reprinted everything it streaks, I'd have to charge more for the booklets. Would have to do the same if I replaced the printer, as I use this thing almost exclusively for the publications. I do check every page of every booklet I print to make certain it is readable. No one has ever complained.

Credit Card Option: I now sell a compiled version of my 3 publications through Arnie's Arts and Crafts/Basket Patterns.Com called Coiled Art with Pine Needles and Raffia.

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Copyright 2000-2001 by M.L. Arnoldussen. All rights reserved.