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Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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Note: These are loose stones----no setting, no mounting.

Shipping on stone orders, any size, is $4.60 for Priority. Please add it to your order by clicking the shipping button, as I cannot absorb the cost of shipping stones. They cannot be shipped for $0.39 in a plain envelope. If a stone order is submitted without including the shipping fee, I will promptly cancel/refund the order.
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"Required Priority shipping for stone orders, any size." US $4.60

Click button to add shipping for stone orders. PayPal does not automatically add this.


"Small Lake Superior Agate" Small agates are about ½ inch diameter. US $1.00.


"Small Zambian Amethyst" Small amethysts are about ½ inch diameter. US $3.00.


"Premium Petrified Wood" petrified wood is at least 1 inch diameter. US $4.00.


"Medium Mookaite" Medium stones are 1 to 1½ inch and not so bulky. US $4.00.




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