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Join the Canadian Notification List: This is how we get the word out when we have new livestock. It's extremely important due to the time sensitivity of moth ova and sometimes limited supplies of pupae and ova.

WELCOME CANADIAN CUSTOMERS to our livestock sales page. I now have a Canadian vendor who is supplying livestock in Canada! Please email me if you have questions. Please join the notifications list for Canadian residents!

I have to have a sepaoutrate sales page and vendor for Canada, because governments do not allow shipping of live insects across international borders. Your Canadian vendor will be shipping Canadian moths to Canadian locations!

Cecropia cocoons sold out. OVA available soon!

Due to supplier's personal schedule, he will ship all orders at the end of each month.

CURRENT LIVESTOCK AVAILABLE NOW (limited to purchases initiated in CANADA ONLY):

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SPRING 2018 UPDATE Will offer cecropia ova this spring, time sensitive so join email list. Cecropia cocoons are sold out.

(Orders shipped at end of each month)

CECROPIA COCOONS - Sold out      $9.00USD per cocoon, plus $12.00USD shipping to Ontario or Quebec, $15.00USD all other provinces, for any size order. The system can only charge the higher rate for shipping, but I will promptly refund any difference.

CECROPIA OVA - Available soon      Pricing pending. The system can only charge the higher rate for shipping, but I will promptly refund any difference.

VERY IMPORTANT: Cecropia moths are a univoltine species, meaning there is only a single generation/brood each year. All cecropia cocoons contain a live pupa that is entering winter diapause, and it's essential that they are cared for properly to keep the pupa alive and well.

When you receive your cocoon(s), place in a freezer bag and seal the bag. This maintains the pupa's natural hydration. Then store the cocoon(s) in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, and where animals cannot access it (pupae are good eating). Later, when the outdoor weather turns cold, and you turn on your furnace, place the sealed cocoon(s) in a refrigerator -- NOT A FREEZER. If your fridge is prone to freezing, then put the bag in a vegetable compartment or in a cardboard box (insulation).

Come spring, pupae require about 21 days of incubation time. Do not remove cocoons from the fridge until your local trees start to leaf out, as that is a signal that moth season is approaching. Once out, expect moths to eclose around 21 days later. In the wild, cecropia flight tends to begin with the first stretch of hot, humid summer weather.

Upon removal from fridge, you should also remove the cocoons from their bags. Hopefully, by this time, you're no longer running your furnace (can dry them out), and air conditioning is also not recommended for moths. Eclosing moths must be able to climb and hang, so their wings will shape and dry correctly. Simple containers work very well. I tend to use ice cream buckets, and hang a sheet of paper toweling inside for the moths to climb. I set the cocoons on the toweling, so the moths find it. I suspend it from the lip of the lid, and the moths crawl up the sheet to the top.

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