Teneriffe Lid and Canary Island Pine Needle Basket

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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This was an "experiment" made from some things I had and some things Lisa and Shelley sent me in what they called "a coiler's care package." The beautiful green-colored needles came from a Canary Island pine that had been next to Lisa's house and had to be cut down because it was damaging the foundation. She harvested every needle. The pheasant feathers were from Shelley.

I played with stitches on this basket, also on making a color transition. The brown needles are southern longleaf. I also had to dig through my memory to recall how to make the four-strand braid that the feather tassle is attached to. That was a technique I learned at the local park as a child. The teneriffe, too, was an experiment, as I'd never worked open holes within the weave before. I'm delighted with this basket.

Feathers cannot be included on purchased items, as it is illegal to sell pheasant feathers in Wisconsin.



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