Zippered Flag or Yemenite Shofar Quiver Case for Silk Worship Banners or Shofars

Perfect containers for weapons of spiritual warfare!

Praise and worship flag size banners for Christian churches constructed of China silk (Habotai) for purchase, also instructions for sale


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    fabric shofar case
    yemenite shofar case
    fabric shofar bag kid size quiver case

    CASES NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Zippered "quiver" cases or bags hold a lot of flags or a yemenite shofar. Fabric color/design depends on availability of heavy gauge remnants. Case has an adjustable shoulder strap. $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Adult and child size flag cases come in standardized lengths. For shofars I'll customize, but need to know the curve and linear lengths of your shofar.

    I currently have one 39" bag in stock, fabric #2, ivory zipper, navy blue strap. It is the standard adult size for flags, and also holds my 42" Yemenite shofar with about one inch to spare. SOLD


    Fabric One Fabric Two

    I'm not currently making cases. The one case noted above is the only one available.

    Custom Leather Quiver Flag or Shofar Case

    leather yemenite shofar case
    Custom Leather QuiverBeading
    custom leather shofar case

    This item is not available for sale at this time--my sewing machine is too awful. Custom leather quiver has hand-worked lane beading (glass seed beads) on upper strap, "Salvation Bracelet" colors with turquoise background, unlined, holds a lot of banners (I've put up to eight in with plenty room for more). Cost would be around $125. Due to materials and nature of product, all subsequent cases will not be exactly like this one or like any other. Please contact me if at all interested in this item.

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