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These wallpapers are available in the proper format to fit Motorola W370, or any phone using 128 x 160 gifs. They are a set available for $2.00 via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, I will email a zip file containing all 33 image files. Make certain the email address you have associated with PayPal is correct. If you're unfamiliar with zip files, then include a note requesting I send as individual file attachments. Alternately, I can send the entire collection, via email, directly to your cell phone. I will need your 10 digit phone number to do that (see next paragraph). Units/minutes will be used. 7-Zip

A simple way to move these files to your phone is via email attachment, which will require using your units/minutes. Email the attachment to your phone at "your cell phone number" When I send them to my phone, it deducts one unit for the download action plus actual time involved, in 0.5 unit increments. I've sent one and it required 1.5 units total, but sending five at once required 2 units total. See Tips, below, for another way to move files between phone and computer.

INSTRUCTIONS: Having sent the email with the file attachment, when your phone signals that you have a new message, select "Details->Download." "Units deducted (1)," then "Waiting for download" will appear, then change to "1 New Msg Downloaded" when the download has completed. Select "Read," then press the menu button (inside the circle on your keypad), and select "Save Content." Select "Store" and it will ask for a file name (default is "untitled"); delete and then name it whatever you want and press OK. The graphic is now saved on your SIM card.

To set as a wallpaper, go to the main menu and select "Multimedia->Pictures->Additional storage device." You'll see a list of all images you have sent to your phone and saved. Select the one you want to use, press the keypad menu button and select "apply as->wallpaper." Press "end" button to return to the home screen to see your new wallpaper.

Graphics displayed on this page are copies of the images you will receive. Those displayed here are the wrong format, size, and proportions for your cellphone, but you are welcome to try them.

All photography and graphic art copyrighted by Peg Arnoldussen. All rights reserved.

Appleton RiverfrontProperties built into Niagara Escarpment in Egg HarborA tier of Bond Falls
Cana Island LighthouseEagle Bluff LighthouseAboard the schooner Friendly
A path through the wooodsA Galena sidewalkHigh Cliff State Park
Apple River CanyonSunset over Little Lake Butte des MortSummer flower garden
Rawley Point Light BeamLake Michigan WavesRawley Point Light
Split Rock LighthouseLake Superior Gitchie GumeeGooseberry Falls
MallardsEagle drawingHorses
Egg Harbor GardenEagle Bluff LighthouseCana Island Lighthouse
Ephraim BayEagle Bluff LighthouseAmish Farmer in Driftless Region
Driftless Region in AutumnAutumn Colors in Driftless RegionDriftless Region
Trees in a SnowstormLighthouse WindowFields in Winter

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When adding airtime, be sure to check a good source of promotional codes to see what's available. To test for viable codes, enter your airtime card at the TracFone web site. After submitting your serial number, on the new page that loads select "want to use the web" (link at the bottom). When you enter a promotional code, the site will tell you whether the code is active or expired. If expired, you can try different codes (have a list ready). This will not work if you enter your airtime via your phone.

Alternately, you can go directly to this Add Airtime page and enter your serial number, airtime pin, and promotional code all at once.

Be sure to sign up for an account on the TracFone web site. They might then email promotions to you. Sometimes you get the best deals on airtime with their free phone offers. For example, one offer I've found cited was something like two 60m/90d cards plus a free phone for the price of one 60m/90d card. You don't need the phone, but the two cards are a great deal. They also send promotional codes.

I haven't personally purchased this, but this Ebay seller provides, for a one-time fee of $2.49, continuously updated promotional codes for life, I believe via a web site. Ebay rating is 98.8%. Most negatives and neutrals sound lame or seem to spring from ignorance.

If you buy, or have bought this access, I'd be very grateful if you'd share your experiences and insights (use form, below). What I'd really like to know is if it's more beneficial than the free promotional code sites. There are many free ones; the one I've listed looked to me like it was updated more often than the others I looked at.

Watch your local store ads for good deals on TracFone cards. Ten or fifteen percent off does happen, at least where I live. I recently bought a 60m/90 card for 10% off, added it to my double-minutes-for-life phone along with a promotional code, and ended up with 180 minutes. That's $6.00 per month to operate my phone, provided I use my minutes conservatively, which I do.

Though this is mentioned on other web sites, I will also mention it here. Conserve minutes by accessing your voicemail using a land line. Return the call(s) using a land line. Return all missed calls, whenever feasible, using a land line. This is great when the situation is non-emergency.

To access your voicemail via land, turn off your cell phone, then dial its number on your land phone. When your recorded voicemail introduction begins playing, hit the star (*) or pound (#) key to bypass. This will bring you to your voicemail menu and you can take it from there.

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Computer Connectivity: I've had my share of frustrations trying to track this down. I found comments all over the internet to the effect that Motorola and TracFone have disabled the mini USB port on the W370 phone. According to a phone call to TracFone technical support on 23 May 2008, the port is functional but requires an item called "Motorola Mobile Phone Tools 4.0 and Mini USB Data Cable SYN1244 for Motorola W370," available at Cell Xpo (don't buy----read on). This includes a mini USB to USB cable, specifically SYN1244, plus software that results in PDA-like function of the phone, including synchronization of calendar, phonebook, and email, the ability to connect a computer to the internet through the phone, or connect the phone to the internet via a computer, conversion of audio files for use on the phone, sending audio files and graphic files (wallpapers and screen savers) back and forth, etc. The item costs $19.99 plus $6.95 for least expensive shipping option. It appears the same disk is available on Ebay for $11.98 or best offer and free shipping, but I do not know whether the cable is compatible. If anyone has purchased this item for their W370 phone, please tell me where you purchased it and what you think of it.

I sent two inquiries regarding compatibility to the Ebay seller and have never received a response. I decided to try a web search and I found what appears to be the same product as at Cell Xpo at PriceGrabber -- for a lot less. I've sent compatibility inquiries to three of the vendors and will post responses when I get them. I'll likely purchase the item from one of these. If it's compatible, I've not seen better prices anywhere.

It's 27 May. I received responses from two of the three PriceGrabber vendors. One response was a decisive it's-not-compatible, and the other was I-don't-know. I decided to call TracFone tech support and ask them if it was the same product. Well, this time they told me there is absolutely no product available that will connect a W370 TracFone to a computer because TracFone has made the phone incompatible. Naturally, I was not pleased to learn this. I'm still in a quandary, wondering whether the first or the second tech support response was correct; in other words, which tech support person really knows his/her stuff. In each case, the first party I spoke to went to a higher authority, so it's not like someone was obviously faking their information.

So anyway, I guess I won't be buying anything, but if someone reads this page and has bought SYN1244 and found that it does or does not work on a W370 TracFone, I'd be most grateful if you'd share your experience.

In case you're wondering, I do own a mini USB to USB cable (came with digital frame) and I have connected my phone to my computer to see what would happen. What happened was that the computer recognized a new piece of hardware, but could not find a driver anywhere. I then did a web search and looked in a lot of places. I did find what was labeled a driver, and it was at the Motorola site, but the file, a zip, didn't really contain a driver. I moved it to my computer, dug out the contents, and pointed the installation wizard at it, and the wizard confirmed it was not a driver (left menu, "Accessories/USB driver").

Interestingly, I just found a web page for TracFone Motorola W370 that says, under USB, the W370 "supports mass storage mode," defined as "the phone appears as a disk on the computer when connected via USB...(without any special drivers). Many phones require that this mode be enabled using a settings menu." I have yet to find that menu option on my phone. I sent an inquiry to TracFone tech support about it, though not with any great expectations.

TracFone tech support responded the next morning, 17June08, with this reply: " . . . Unfortunately, TracFone Wireless devices have a disabled USB port that will not allow you to up or download information to or from your computer. . . .We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. . . ."

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Flashing: Supposedly, this link explains how to flash the phone (I haven't tried it). If you do, or have done this, please kindly tell me a bit more about it, including where to get the firmware. I'd love to connect the phone to my computer, but this page is a bit beyond me, plus I don't want to wreck the phone. Thanks in advance.

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Experiences: I've been a cell phone user since 8May08; therefore, I have nothing to compare my current experiences with. I like the functionality of the W370, as it has many PDA-like features that I find useful. I also am liking TracFone's service, for the most part, except that I don't think tech support is very good at fielding questions beyond, "how do I add airtime?" I don't ask those kinds of questions. I've asked about transferring files and computer connectivity, and I've gotten conflicting replies or answers to questions I had not asked. Shrug. Regarding service, I can maintain a cell phone for as little as $5.66 per month if I'm conservative with minutes, and I love the fact that minutes carry over and service time does not overlap. Though it would certainly be a very nice perk if I could synchronize the phone and computer, I can manage without. This lack will not force me to buy wallpapers, screensavers, or ringtones. My main goal is to have the convenience of a cell phone for as little cost as possible.

Thus far I've not made a lot of calls on my phone, nor have I received many. As previously stated, the thing is for emergencies and moments where a cell phone would be very useful. I did coordinate an airport rendezvous/pick-up with my eldest son, and the cell was very nice to have in that instance, having made these connections in the past without a cell. I've also used it to coordinate a lunch date with a friend who lives about 20 miles away, while also keeping in touch with my kids at home. This was nice. Once I called home to inform the husband that daughter had left curling iron frying in the bedroom. At moments like these, I'm very glad to have a cell phone at last.

Reception has been very good in all these instances, but I'd expect that because we live in an area with good cell phone service. I did a little vacation on Minnesota's Lake Superior shore, but I made no calls while there. I did send myself more wallpapers -- six at once. The first download attempt failed, which cost me a whole minute. On the second attempt, I held the phone by a window. Whether that action made a difference or not, I do not know, but the download did not fail. The phone was indicating the signal was strong.

I've tinkered with text messaging. This can be very useful (provided one has time to create text), as it only costs .3 units to send or receive a text message, apparently of any size. I've sent a few for fun, and I've received one out of necessity; all worked just great. Of course, I did this on the home turf, where reception is always good. I do not recommend composing text messages while driving a car. Actually, I don't recommend using a cell phone at all when driving a car. Many people have informed me that they drive just fine while yakking on the cell. Well, I have yet to encounter a cell phone yakker who is driving just fine. They all drive really stupid and are as oblivious of their stupidity as they are of what's going on around them. Those people scare me, and if our state outlaws cell phone usage while driving, I shall cheer. Cell phone users focus on their conversation, not their driving -- unwise.

My phone has remained charged for as long as nine days. I turn it off at night. Though I don't make or receive a lot of calls, I do like to play with the phone sometimes: switch wallpapers, customize settings and appearance, schedule things on the calendar, use the calculator, practice iTapping. I don't use the games. I used to have a PDA, and loved it, so I like the phone's PDA-like features, and wish the mini USB port was fully functional. I'm not happy with TracFone for having locked that.

We now have four TracFones in the family, as each of my at-home kids bought one; a local store was selling W370s for $30.00. My kids are teenage minors and young adults. TracFone sends them tons of promotions, but never sends me any -- emphasis on never any. This puzzles me greatly. I wonder if it's because they figure young folks don't have much money but us middle-agers have it to burn. Maybe it's to encourage the kids to yak on the phone more, to get them addicted to their cell phone. Maybe it's to nudge potential impulse buyers into action. I don't know, but I do think the situation is all about age, and weird.

One of my kids had to have surgery and needed a lot of my attention. We found the cell phones to be most useful as in-home pagers in this situation. My child used quick-dial to call my phone, and then would hang up before the call went to voicemail. Thus the ringing of my phone signaled me to go to my child, and the caller ID showed who was calling. Very convenient. This did not use any airtime minutes, unless I was dumb and hit "ignore." I learn quickly and only did that once.

P.S. TracFone owns Net 10, which appears to me to be designed for folks who like to talk on the phone (I don't). If you're more of a talker, I recommend Net 10, as their airtime cards all compute to $0.10 per minute. If you just want a cell phone for when you absolutely need a cell phone and you want it to be ultra economical, TracFone is the appropriate choice.

Phones that use 128 x 160 wallpapers: Motorola W370, Motorola W376, Motorola E365, Motorola T720, Motorola T720i, Motorola T725, LG G7070, LG G7100, LG G7110, LG G5400, LG G5410, LG G7050, Nokia 6650, Nokia 7600, Sagem myX-6, Sagem myV-65, Samsung E100, Samsung E700, Samsung P400, Samsung S100, Samsung S300, Samsung T100, Samsung T200, Samsung V200, Samsung X400, Sharp GX10, Sharp GX10i, Sharp GX10m, Sony Ericsson T630

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