Bald Eagle Coiled Ceramic Bowl with Lid

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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Coiled Bald Eagle Ceramic Bowl

Pine needle coiling on wheel-turned hand thrown ceramic bowl and lid. Lid is removable. Bowl has bald eagle motif on it. Decorated with polished gemstone beads ("basket jewelry"). This basket style is available for purchase. Above photo is representative of what you'll get. I will make these as they are ordered. Please allow five weeks for order fulfillment. Gemstones will vary, shape of bowl and lid might vary. Approximate dimensions: 4¼" H X 4¼" W.

Bald Eagle Drawing by Peg

Ceramic pieces are subject to availability; they are made by a different artist. Lid and eagle designed by Peg Arnoldussen (at left is small sample of my actual drawing). Coiling and decorations by Peg Arnoldussen.

Basket jewels and pottery, as embellishments for your creations, are available for separate purchase.

Written pattern is available for this basket. A gourd makes a great substitute for the ceramic pot. $4.00.

Contact me if you need more information.



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