Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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I will gladly reply to inquiries about my publications, requests for further clarification of information published in my books and patterns, web site development, requests for link swaps, friendly straightforward messages, personal messages from acquaintances, friends, and customers. Other messages I will reply to at my discretion, as I have time. Thank you for understanding.

I try to respond to reasonable inquiries within 12 hours (but I do go on vacation sometimes). Make certain you aren't running a command on your email box that will block my response. I write a lot of replies that come back "undeliverable" and there's nothing further I can do when that happens.

If your intent is to ask how some coiling or bark technique is done, or what materials I recommend, please kindly read through the left side menu. There's a very good chance I've already answered your question, as this site is loaded with carefully indexed instructions. Often all I do is write back with a link to a specific page. In the future, if I receive inquiries for which the answer is already posted on my web site, I will not write back. Sorry, but my life is very full -- I do not have time.

If you are inquiring about how-to publications that I recommend, I recommend mine: "Coiled Art With Pine Needles - Revised" or "Coiled Art With Pine Needles and Raffia" for coiled basketry, and " Birch Bark Quill Box Primer " for making quill boxes. Both are beginner books. "Coiled Art" is for beginners and beyond.

Unfortunately, spammers have hijacked my form. Just email me: at gmail dot com. Thank you.



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