Customer Responses to Our Moth Livestock

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We are starting to post customer comments, with customer permission only, no identification or contact information. Your comments are welcome at our discretion. We sometimes edit for grammar, spelling, and such. Thank you.

14July2013 - The luna cocoons sent (females) were HUGE. I video taped the emergence of one, and it was amazing. Her abdomen was long and large. She hasn't paired up yet, but I expect that to happen tonight. They are all just beautiful. Thought you should know. Dianne, Virginia

4July2013 - I purchased luna moth cocoons from you and cynthia moth cocoons from you earlier this year. The luna moths were incredible... thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My daughters are triplets, and you sent us three cocoons all together on one branch, which made us all laugh!! The luna moth cocoons were very active every time the girls would check on them. They are six, and they thought the big green moths with tails were the best thing they ever saw!! My daughters and I can't wait for the four cynthia moths to hatch. Thank you so very, very, very much. Kimberly, Summer and Miranda . . . and John, Pennsylvania

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Izzy's CardIzzy's thank-youIzzy's Note

9Mar2013 - Izzy and her mom ordered moth cocoons from us. The cocoons were needed for a school project, and Izzy was having trouble finding some. I contacted my partner, Bryan, and he came through for her. Izzy was very grateful and gracious, and sent Bryan a card that she made. Bryan and his family were deeply touched by her beautiful card.


Please note: If you are inquiring about moth rearing but are a different vendor's customer, please read the information on this web site, but contact your own vendor instead. I will gladly answer customer questions on this topic, but non customers are making inconsiderate demands of my time, and I am too busy for this. My information is already available on this site. Please make use of it.


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