Vintage 1975 Yamaki F-250 12 String

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Hot glued guitar bridgeDean's Yamaki 250

At the time that Dean first contacted me, his Yamaki's bridge was lifted and repaired with hot glue, as can be seen in the photo at left.

Dean bought this beautiful Yamaki in mid 1975. He and the guitar live in Alaska. He brought the guitar to a luthier named Michael Fleck, who did a great repair job. Some years prior, Dean had brought the guitar to a different repair person who had pronounced it hopeless. A little snooping around at revealed that it probably was not hopeless. I don't know what some of us guitar owners would do without Frank Ford's great website!

Repaired bridge

I can't help but be partial to this beautiful instrument, as it is almost like my guitar except it has a two piece back. The top is cedar. If it's a typical 250, the back and sides are Indian rosewood, the neck is mahogany, the bridge and headplate are rosewood.

Thanks, Dean, for sharing your guitar story.


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