Photographs of the Driftless Region of Wisconsin: Juneau, Monroe, and Vernon Counties

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A Country Lane in the Driftless Region

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Back in 1999, in October, we tossed the four kids and the 35mm point and shoot camera into a mini van and headed out to Wisconsin's driftless region. As it turned out, the weather was idyllic and the fall colors were peaking. I got gorgeous photos and the kids and husband survived the ordeal. The swimming pool at the hotel helped.

The kids don't go with us anymore; it's back to the man and me (sometimes just me). He decided to be agreeable to returning to the driftless region (2008) so I could shoot to my heart's content with my digital SLR. We hung out for two nights at the Lark Inn in Tomah, and wandered by day all over the ridges and valleys to the south and west. Once again the autumn colors were peaking. The weather wasn't too bad. My husband even biked a section of the Elroy-Sparta trail while I drove the scenic route from Wilton to Norwalk via Co. Hwy. T.

If you are wondering what a driftless region is, it is an unglaciated area surrounded by the strong evidence of glaciation all around it. For whatever reason, during the Ice Age, the giant glaciers did not mow this region down or fill it in with till (glacial "garbage"). The result is a landscape of deeply carved stream valleys and much exposed bedrock. The topographic relief gives a sense of a mountainous region in miniature. It's very beautiful.

Wisconsinites tend to recognize that the southwestern part of the state is different from the rest of it, but they generally do not know why. All of Wisconsin possesses unusual beauty (but we're so inured to it that we don't notice), but the driftless region is unique.

The valleys of the region are filled with farms, many of which are Amish. Sometimes a town or village occupies a valley. We encountered many horse drawn conveyances of various types along the roadways. It seems like the women tend to travel in enclosed storm buggies, while the men were often seen in open wagons. One young man was galloping along on horseback. He was friendly too. Actually, the rural folks all seemed to be friendly and readily waved, typically initiating the gesture. I liked it.

As for my photos, I love the colors of fall. I also love the deep valleys, the cool rock ledges, the ridges, the shadows cast by steep sides, the curving roads, the plunging hills. I love the quietness, the sense of minimal habitation. The driftless region is a soothing place.

High resolution prints of all my photos, in the sizes listed below, matte finish, are available for purchase. I'm not a professional photographer, therefore, not very pricey. Please use the following PayPal shopping cart to order prints. PayPal membership is not required. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery, as I'll order prints upon purchase.

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