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Ron & DorothyDorothy's basket

The lovely tray above was a joint effort by the couple pictured beside it: Ron and Dorothy. Ron makes the bases and Dorothy is the coiler. They are fellow Wisconsinites and I am so blessed to have met them.

Peg's Work

Ron visited my web site and emailed me. I emailed back and we began corresponding. When they requested to visit, I was excited. They came on a Monday while enroute to visit relatives, stayed all afternoon, and I was thrilled!!! I wanted to keep them forever! Dorothy taught me wonderful new things about coiling and stitching, preparing raffia, etc. We exchanged materials. More importantly, we exchanged affection and friendship. I was truly blessed. I'm sure you can see their warm hearts through their warm facial expressions. What precious people!

Post Script: While roaming the Door Peninsula in Sept. 2002, I was able to find Ron and Dorothy's home. I stopped to visit and found Dorothy, with friends. Ron had passed away just a few short months after their visit. I was thrilled to see Dorothy again, but never figured I wouldn't find Ron there. It was hard to hold back the tears. It still is.



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