Polished Gemstones and Minerals: Zambian Amethyst, Agua Nueva Agate, Petrified Wood, Mooka Jasper, Lake Superior Agate

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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AmethystAgua Nueva AgateGemstone cabochons
in settings.

Gemstones in settings setLake Superior agate cabochon in setting

Zambian Amethyst

Lg. stones - $5.00
Sm. stones - $4.00
Set stones - $25.00

Agua Nueva Agate

Lg. stones - $5.00
Sm. stones - $3.00 (not available)

Petrified WoodLake Superior AgateMookaite

Petrified Wood

Lg. premium stones - $5.00
Set stones - $25.00

Lake Superior Agate

Jumbo stones - $6.00
Lg. stones - $4.00
Sm. stones - $2.00
Set freeform cabs - $25.00


Lg. stones - $6.00 (not available)
Med. stones - $5.00

Agates, Amethyst

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Gemstones and minerals are mounted in a transparent, drilled setting designed for coiling. Ordering Information.

To check pricing or purchase loose gemstones without coiling setting/mounting, via PayPal (no membership required), go HERE.

Shipping -- All stone orders are shipped Priority. You will be charged $4.60 shipping for your stone order, and all products included in that order are then shipped Priority, at no extra charge beyond the $4.60. Therefore, do not add the $3.35 book-order fee for Priority if you are also ordering printed materials, as they will be shipped with your stones, included in the stone-order shipping fee.

Zambian Amethyst -- Large gemstones average over one inch; small stones average about ½ inch. These stones are gorgeous, deep dark purple yet very transparent. I bought them because they were irresistible!

Agates, Petrified Wood, Jasper

Agua Nueva Agate -- My original intent was to purchase rose quartz, but the polished quartz was medium grade with rather pale coloration. Then I saw these agates from Mexico. The pink and rose shades in the banding were so rich in color that they became my preference. Large stones average about 1½ inches; small stones are about 1 inch.

Petrified Wood -- These stones are "native"--they are found in some of the Rocky Mountain states. Appearance shows much variation between stones. Because the baskets are made from pine needles, I thought petrified wood would coordinate very well--all tree products.Smiley Large stones are around 1½ inch; small stones are around ½ inch.

Mooka Jasper or Mookaite -- An Australian jasper, the coloration reminds me of contemporary oil paintings, or patterns found on fabrics. Large stones are about 1½ inch and bulky. Medium stones are 1 to 1½ inch and not so bulky. Small stones are under 1 inch.

Lake Superior Agates -- My original offering, and I've now added jumbo size, which are at least 1½ inches, with a lot of bulk. Rust is a dominant color in these agates, due to the abundance of iron in the Lake Superior region. Other colors present are white, gray, black, bluish gray. Large stones average 1 inch, small stones average ½ inch. Being a native of a Great Lakes state, I am very partial to these agates and have even hunted for them along Gitchie-gumee's shores. Great fun!



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