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Welcome to my "Stitch Glossary" for coiled pineneedle basketry. The illustrations are also available for purchase in "Coiled Art with Pine Needles and Raffia" and include much more explanatory text. Ordering information is posted HERE.

I stitch from front to back--think it's much easier. Most of these illustrations, unless otherwise noted, depict the stitches in that way. About the only difference is that the stitch "arms" slant in the opposite direction. If you are a left handed coiler working from back to front, your "arms" will slant the same as these. Back to front stitchers probably pay a bit more attention to the "wrong" side of their work, thus making it more reversible. However, a front to back person can either learn to pay attention to their side-to-side stitch slant, or watch where the point comes out on the wrong side in order to be more disciplined about this (what I've done).

I've avoided trying to name these stitches, as there tend to be many names for many of them. Call them what you want. I've also avoided illustrating how they are done. An experienced stitcher has probably already grasped the properties of the process and thus understands how to achieve each variation. To those who are new, I suggest you begin playing with the more basic stitches and you will probably find yourself quickly seeing how slanted and vertical stitches are achieved, how piercing affects a stitch, etc. Any stitch with two or more arms has been worked at least twice into same hole.

I've also included the basic teneriffe weave, which is a simple in and out weave, and some filler stitches for between the teneriffe pieces.

Have fun. This glossary will probably continue to grow.

Most Basic Stitches

Stitch 1

Stitch 2

Stitch 3

easiestfront-back Vback-front V

Side By Side Stitches

Stitch 1

Stitch 4

Stitch 2

Stitch 3

ahead of corresponding
stitch below
ahead of entire V belowbetween arms of V belowbetween arms of V

Pierced Stitches

Stitch 5

Stitch 6

Stitch 7

Stitch 8

like Stitch 1 but piercedpierce vertical arm of Vpierce vertical arm, row 1
front-back, row 2 back-front
pierce slanted arm of V

Back-Stitched Stitches

Stitch 9

Stitch 10

Stitch 16

back-stitch Stitch 5back-stitch Stitch 6alternate rows of 9 & 10

Miscellaneous Stitches

Stitch 11

Stitch 12

Stitch 13

work 3 vertical arms,
spread, back stitch
over 2 coils twice, over
stitches between coils

Stitch 14 - Contributed by Pamela Zimmerman of the Pine Needle Group.

actual appearance of stitch.
working view from top of coilneedle placement in coil below

This very useful stitch provides vertical alignment, vs. spiraling, with a straight stitch much like Stitch 1. This presentation is front-to-back, but it can easily be worked from back-to-front. Remember that the insertion point must be before the corresponding stitch below, the needle is angled forward and exited after the next stitch below. Thus, the resulting loop wraps perpendicular to the coil.

Stitch 15 - Reversible Stitch

Back Side

Facing Side


stitches alignstaggered stitcheshow to insert needle

Basic Teneriffe Weave

weave in and out with needle and
around edge spokes

Teneriffe Fillers
CaningFaggotFish NetSatin
fill large areas, ref McFarland
Advanced book
fill small areasfill large areas, ref M. Behrmanfill large areas, ref M. Behrman


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