God's Eye Weaving Instructions

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God's Eye ear weaving

Due to the difficulty some folks have in perceiving the weave of the God's Eye ear on ribbed baskets, I've devised this alternate "mapping" method of explaining it. This doesn't include the start, but rather is a logical approach to the continuous weave. The weave can be started at any of the following four steps; just do them in order from your start point.

Remember that the front wrap is always diagonal, and the back wrap is always counter-clockwise.

  • Cross over front from SE to NW, then behind W, to SW.

  • Cross over front from SW to NE, then behind N, to NW.

  • Cross over front from NW to SE, then behind E, to NE.

  • Cross over front from NE to SW, then behind S, to SE.

    Keep repeating to size you want, or the number of wraps called for in the pattern.


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