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Please just Email me. Thank you for your message, but the form no longer works.

If you wish to order moth livestock by mail order, please email me first, telling me what and how many you wish to purchase. Keep in mind that if there is no PayPal button associated with a certain species/stage, then we are not currently offering it. We do not sell ova/eggs during the autumn and winter months. We start offering ova during the spring, and off and on during the summer months for multivoltine species. We begin offering cocoons in mid summer for multivoltine species, and winter diapause cocoons are made available beginning in August.

If you need to call me, my cell is 1-920-750-3839. I do not always have it on, but you can leave a voice mail message and I will get back to you. It might take a few days.

Thank you.



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