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About Home-Away-From

We are Gerry and Peg Arnoldussen, owners of Home-Away-From. We had been using this house as a rental for several years, but the housing market has shifted, plus we want to do something new. The house was built in 1976. We have owned it for around 15 years. Unlike most rental units, it is actually prime real estate, and we have always kept it in excellent repair. The above photo is the actual house, photographed May 2007.

The last renter left after ten years of occupancy. The house was in need of some attention. We have painted every room and have added faux accents in various places. New windows, flooring, and counter tops have been installed. Several bathroom fixtures have been replaced, including a new tub/shower and valve. We have collected furniture (much of it new), kitchen supplies, bedding. Other amenities are AC, a dishwasher, an attached double garage, stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer. There is a large finished room in the basement that is a good play area for children, or a temporary quiet escape. The house has a full bath plus a half bath, both on the main floor (no basement bathrooms).

We have traveled with our children over the years and found it difficult. We discovered that there are laws prohibiting a family of six from occupying one hotel room, though hotels often allowed us to, anyway. It was always cramped and uncomfortable, with one or two kids sleeping on the floor. If a cot was brought in, then there was much bumping into furniture and each other. The single bathroom was sometimes cause for temporary panic.

Once, we enjoyed the privilege of staying in a large condo in Breckenridge, CO. Everyone was thrilled because there was space to spread out and many amenities: two private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room with a hide-a-bed, a smaller sitting room with a hide-a-bed, a balcony with patio door, a fully equipped kitchen. We loved it! Sometimes it was hard to drag the kids out to see the sights. They were happy with the TV and some other amenities. For the vehicle, there was even a port under the building.

Having had this great traveling experience, we decided to offer our home for relocations, or a limited number of travelers coming to the area for special events or shopping sprees, whether it's a family or group of friends. We know how much more confortable and convenient a spacious home is compared to a hotel room or apartment, and we know that you will also be pleased with our alternative accommodation.

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