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Note (discontinued): Listing ($25.00) includes a link on every page of the Home-Away-From website (side menu) plus search engine optimization (more important than most people ever realize and too often minimized by site developers). SEO on your page means search engines are provided with the information needed to properly index your individual page. This means your page will receive traffic both from visitors to the Home-Away-From website and also due to its own search engine listings (once indexed, which can take up to several weeks, but this site has been very active so the engines are crawling it frequently). If you need photos taken, we can do them for $50 (more if distance is excessive). Duration of listing is one year. Contact us.

Rate per room or per entire house per night.

Any other information you want included.

  • Bedrooms: number of bedrooms
  • Bathrooms: number of bathrooms
  • Type: style of exterior
  • Garage: available or no
  • Laundry: available or no
  • Kitchen: list of amenities
  • Climate control: whether or not AC
  • Square footage:
  • Distance from EAA: miles or time
  • Location: City or municipality

    Please contact us via email or phone us at ###.###.####.

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