Stitching Around Pre-Drilled Basketry Inserts

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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We typically use chenille needles for stitching our coiled baskets, but the pre-drilled polymer dipped inserts typically come with smallish holes to prevent ugly gaps from showing around the edge. These holes will accommodate embroidery needles easily, as they have narrower thread holes. An alternative is to use no needle at all--just for threading through the holes. Sinew or raffia will easily thread through even very small holes without the help of a needle. If using sinew, you might need to split it down. It's easiest to split sinew along a very flat section, rather than at the end. Gently separate it with your fingers, then pull apart in both directions.

Splitting raffia into cords is explained here.

Working around edges of inserts is explained here. Refer to Example 1.


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