How to Make Silk Worship and Praise Flags Banners

Praise Flags for the Christian Church

Praise and worship flag size banners for Christian churches constructed of China silk (Habotai) for purchase, also instructions for sale


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  • Instructional tri-fold pamphlet, printed on cardstock, can be purchased for $4.00 (price includes US shipping). It explains everything: specific fabric and where to get it, rod dimensions and where to get it, how to sew and dye flags, how to work with extremely safe and simple dyes, much more. Excellent learning tool.

    International shipping rates to your country can be calculated HERE. Weight is one ounce, letter size envelope. International First Class recommended. Sorry about the high global rate at my PayPal and CCNow stores, but I have to charge enough to cover many different product combinations and rates to every country. I do reimburse overpayments, or you are welcome to initiate, or ask me to initiate, a PayPal email transaction for the price of this item plus actual shipping.
    I'm PayPal Verified.

    Because volume is low, I print this item with my inkjet printer as they are ordered. My inkjet printer is not 100% reliable. It gets quirky and produces various streaks. I make certain everything I send out is completely readable. I apologize for the imperfect copies that occur.

    For instructional document purchase only:

  • Charge online
  • Send cash, check, or money order to: Peg Arnoldussen, 1908 N. Douglas St., Appleton, WI 54914   Order Form
  • For questions answered, contact Peg.
  • Use PayPal

    Because silk is a protein (animal) fiber, it can effectively be dyed with unsweetened Kool-Aid. The process is fairly simple and requires only kitchen supplies, as Kool-Aid is not a toxic chemical dye.

    This link can easily be adapted to silk fabric. (But be warned, the old page now forwards to a site called Gaea Creations.) My publication specifically explains the process for silk.

    If combining with fabric paints, the painting should be done after the dyeing process. My publication explains all this.

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