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Peg's Wearable Hand Knitting

Knitted garments by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen

Featuring master knitting techniques, publications, patterns and online instructions.

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I took up hand knitting in 1981 because I wanted things that I could not afford, so thought I'd try making them. I surprised myself with the discovery that I have a knack for this, much to my delight! Because we manage our money carefully, I determined that I would not make this an expensive hobby, but rather an inexpensive way to provide clothing for my household, so I have not taken expensive classes nor purchased many books. In fact, I own one reference book, and belonged to the Knitting Guild just one year -- to complete two master courses. I have honed my craft through personal effort and discovery, and am passing such to other knitters via my publications.

My personal preferences fall into the traditional realm: Fair Isle, Norwegian, Aran, Guernsey, Argyle, Shetland. I have made sweaters, shawls, socks, hats, mittens, doilies, lace things, cable things, multicolored things. In so doing, I have discovered, invented and researched a multitude of techniques for producing professional quality garments.

I've added photos of some of my finished projects, along with projects done by my students. Please check the site index menu to find these things.

I love to do needlework, draw and paint, sew, make music, wire wrap gemstones, raise wild silkmoths, but there is something much more precious than all of these -- the Lord Jesus. Without Him, I can do nothing at all. Even in my fiber art endeavors, many times when I have faced a challenge that seemed to be insurmountable, I have prayed and Jesus has actually given me the solutions. He is faithful in every area of my life -- even in insignificant things like knitting!

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