Norwegian Knee Socks, Mittens, and Earband

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Norwegian accessories

Norwegian knee socks, mittens, and earband. Designed to match navy and white cardigan. The "jogless" round join is at the back center of socks. Try to find it! Yarn: Peer Gynt/Swedish Yarn Imports. (Note: The mittens do have cuffs, but they washed out against a background of similar color.)

Also, if you don't like doing tube hems, this might convert you. I have pulled 1/8" white elastic through the tube hem of each sock top and it holds the socks up most effectvely, yet can't be seen.

The patterns for these items are makeovers of Sandnes patterns and combinations of their charts. I sent them an inquiry some months ago asking permission to make these charts available online (free) because the patterns are no longer in print. They never replied, so technically I do not have permission to pass on their stuff. Please don't inquire--I can't.

The basic patterns for the socks and mittens are in this book, but I borrowed the motif designs from this book, to match the sweater that is shown on the cover, which is the pattern I used for this sweater. The accessories go with this sweater (my version). You could email Velona to inquire if they might have the books. If not, a web search might reveal their availability from another vendor.



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