TKGA Master Hand Knitting Course Acknowledgements

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I joined TKGA--The Knitting Guild of America-- in January of 1998, for one year, and passed two of the three required levels of the Master Hand Knitting Program as of 15 September 1998. I have yet to join again and purchase Level III (3) only because I can't justify the time or expense required. This is not to be taken as a criticism of the guild, or the program, in any way. I enjoyed being a member, receiving the magazine, and having contact with the evaluation staff. I just don't have a specific purpose for continuing.

Excerpts from the Level 2 notification letter state: "Congratulations, you have successfully passed Level II in the Master Hand Knitting Program. I will notify TKGA of your success, and your name will be listed in CAST ON [magazine] sometime next year. You are now eligible to contact TKGA for Level III materials. We look forward to seeing more of your work and hope you plan to complete the final level of the program. Again, congratulations on a job well done."--Margaret Fisher, Co-chair.

I tell you this not so much to brag as to assure you that my publications and patterns are well written and contain very useful methods for improving your finished garments. My achievement announcements appeared in the Summer and Winter 1998 issues of Cast On magazine, page 47 in each case.

Achievement is never gained apart from the help and support of others. Some very precious individuals provided me with necessities without which I could not have accomplished this. I wish to thank as many as I can think of.

My husband and children, for whom I do most of my knitting, are always grateful and encouraging. They put up with my 'lapses of attention' while I was working on this project.

Jane Hutchinson, former yarn shop owner, supplied me with yarn and, more importantly, her wealth of reference material. I would have been lost without it!

Shirley Gamsky, friend and former yarn shop owner, also supplied me with yarn for this project.

Zoraida Vaher, a visitor to my web site, proved invaluable when she was willing to explain to me what the Argyle sock was all about. Without her, I would not have been able to design one.

Jean Lampe, former chair of the Master Knitters committee, answered all my questions promptly and graciously. She was a joy to work with!

The committee and chair, Margaret Fisher, for the wonderful critique of my work. I learned much more!

The Lord Most High, who has given me skill, taught me so much, and 'establishes and blesses the work of our hands.'


Dear Margaret,

Congratulations, you have successfully passed Level 1 in the Master Knitting Program. The committee has completed its review of your Level 1 materials, and it's easy to see you are a skilled and talented knitter with an excellent understanding of the subject matter. With receipt of this letter you are eligible to contact TKGA for Level II materials, and we look forward to seeing more of your work then.

I will notify TKGA of your success, so expect to see your name listed in CAST ON sometime later this year, probably in the FALL '98 issue.

These materials indicate a highly proficient knitter. Margaret's question answers reflect sound knowledge from both research and personal experience.

Again, congratulations on a fine job, Margaret, we enjoyed your efforts.

Jean Lampe, Chair
Master Hand Knitting Committee


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