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Here are my animated gifs. If you like any of them, they are free for the taking (non-commercial purposes only). If you're inclined to do so, please do not contact me with your preferences; I don't make custom freebies. For free, I share what I like.

If you are taking them for use on a web site, I ask that you please set a clear link to Art By Arnie Originals Home Page by downloading one of the images and copy/pasting its corresponding html code (provided below).

Logo<a href=""><img border=0 src="YOUR IMAGE DIRECTORY/ArnieLogo.GIF" width=106 height=110 alt="Art By Arnie Logo"> </a>

Logo<a href=""> <img border=0 src="YOUR IMAGE DIRECTORY/ArnieLogo2.jpg"
width=106 height=110 alt="Art By Arnie Logo"> </a>

Actually, text links are better.

<a href="">Peg's Hand Knitting</a>

Thank you most kindly.

Request: Anyone who takes any of my animations, I would appreciate a notification of this so I can monitor how much interest this generates. Please use the "contact me" link in the left side menu. Thank you.

This page is a slow loader but the good news is that you don't have to click on a million "thumbnails" and wait for each one to load. Once this page is loaded, you can view everything at once. (I don't like animation thumbnails!)

naughty baby horse
playing piano wool winder and swift
hard at work tornado mishap


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