Knitted Seamless Aran or Irish Beret Hat Cap

Hand Knits by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen
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Aran Beret on wondrous modelAran Beret back side

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Pattern available here.

Unlike the jogless berets, I did not keep a journal of my progress while designing this Aran or Irish style beret. Its construction is very similar to the other two hats, but utilizes cables and texture instead of colors to create artistry. Thus, this hat is worked in a single color. The design is my own. I've compiled a pattern for purchase.

This project provided me with something to keep my hands active while camping out in a hospital hoping my brother-in-law would live. I wish he had. Knitting is kind of a mindless activity for me, but journaling isn't. So, that's why no journal happened. My focus was on my brother-in-law.

Journalized (blogged) collection of design projects:


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