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I apologize for the following content, but abuses have made it necessary.

I try to respond to reasonable inquiries within 48 hours. Include your email address if you require a reply; confirm the syntax. I will gladly reply to inquiries about my publications, requests for further clarification of information published in my books and patterns, requests for link swaps, friendly straightforward messages, personal messages from acquaintances, friends, and customers. Other messages I will reply to at my discretion, as I have time. Thank you for understanding.

Please kindly do not contact me requesting custom patterns. Patterns are developed as a garment is knitted. My patterns are all the result of having knitted garments I had need of. I don't knit what I can't use, and if I don't knit it, there can be no pattern. Please understand.

Please kindly do not contact me if you cannot decipher a technique presented in someone else's published material, or have a complaint about someone else's material. Contact the author. I will gladly provide any needed clarification for my own publications (except the free material published solely on this website). Include your full name, email address, the publication title, and the technique/page number you are having difficulty with.

The form mail for this site has been hijacked by spammers, so I've taken it down. Please email inquiries to: at gmail dot com



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