Traditional Norwegian Ski Sweater

Hand Knits by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen
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Norwegian Sweater

I finished this Norwegian sweater in July 2000 -- just in time for the county fair. It won first place plus the fair's highest honor: a merit award. This sweater is a combination of charts from various patterns and was created for my very particular teenage son. Charts from "Sandnes Uldvarefabrik 9608 No. 41 - Til Fjells," "Sandnes Uldvarefabrik No. 38 - Peer Gynt Til Fjells," and my own designs (click on the numbers). Techniques for successful tube sweater knitting are explained in my publication Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters. The Sandnes pattern books are no longer in print, according to the reply on 5Jan07 to my inquiry. An inquiry to SandnesGarn yielded a reply on 8Jan07 that No. 38 is no longer available. Inquiries.



Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters

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