Norwegian Pullover Sweater, Matching Mittens and Dubbelmossa Hat

Hand Knits by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen
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Norwegian medallion sweater with matching mittens
Embroidered medallion

I knitted this medallion sweater and matching mittens for my husband. He loves it and wears it real often, weather permitting. The fabulous Peer Gynt yarn still looks new. I also made a headband for the set (not pictured). Note the corrugated ribbing on cuffs. Peer Gynt sweater pattern from Sandnes Uldvarefabrik 9712 No. 44 - Til Fjells, which is out of print, per inquiry on 5Jan07 (but click on the number). Techniques for successful tube sweater knitting are explained in my publication Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters. Inquiries.



Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters

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