Miniature Shetland Lace Shawl for Bi-lo Baby

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Shetland mini shawl

This miniature Shetland shawl is an adaptation of a large shawl/baby wrap pattern, which is the one the newborn Prince of Denmark was wrapped in.

I knitted a large shawl when I was pregnant with my firstborn (1984). I used it to wrap all my infants (four of them). The shawl represented a precious memory, so I bought a Bi-lo Baby (early nineties), knitted tiny booties for it, and knitted the miniature shawl. It represents to me the infancy of my children. O'Brian later provided the cradle, which was a perfect finishing touch.

Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John of Denmark was born 15 Oct. 2005. Someone from his mother's homeland, Australia, knitted the same shawl for him. As an infant, he was often seen wrapped in the shawl, and it became a sort of trademark. Multitudes of Danish women sought out the pattern and knitted similar shawls.

Cradle by O'Brian Trawick.

How the prince got his shawl. Link 1. Link 2.



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