Peer Gynt Myrmoseter Traditional Norwegian Sweater

Hand Knits by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen
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Myrmoseter Norwegian Sweater

I made this sweater over 20 years ago, probably in 1982. It was my second Norwegian sweater and still looks wonderful. My first sweater was exactly like it, but it's packed away in the cedar closet. I made this before I had learned how to cut these things, so it is shaped using back and forth knitting for the armholes and neck.

This sweater has been worn for skiing, shoveling snow, and general cold weather wear. It is not covered with pills, but still looks new.

Techniques for successful tube sweater knitting are explained in my publications Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters or Knitting Beautiful Scandinavians (instructions are the same in both publications). The Peer Gynt pattern, "Myrmoseter" No. 1253 S, is no longer in print. Inquiries.



Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters

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