Hand Knits by Peg's Knitting Arnoldussen
Essential Techniques for Serious Knitters
  • NEW! ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES FOR SERIOUS KNITTERS (booklet: rewritten compilation of the following three publications plus more) 30 pages. $10.50 ppd. Click HERE to order.

  • KNITTED ELEGANCE-Techniques For Perfect Finishing (booklet: step-by-step techniques for achieving perfection--seams, edges, shaping, everything!) 13 pages. $6.50 ppd. Click HERE to order.

  • KNITTING BEAUTIFUL SCANDINAVIANS (booklet: detailed, essential instructions for knitting any stranded traditional sweater) 6 pages. SOLD OUT ("Essential Techniques" contains same instructions). Click HERE to order.

  • CONQUERING THE ELUSIVE BUTTON BAND (pamphlet: making and attaching professional quality bands--newly revised non-supplemental stand-alone version) $4.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.

  • ARGYLE SOCK PATTERN (a required element of TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level II) $4.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.

  • JONNIE'S GUERNSEY VEST PATTERN (children's chest measurement 30 inches only--a required element of TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level II) $4.00 ppd. Click HERE to order.

  • ARAN WESKIT PATTERN (stylish, very flattering cardigan for any body type. Level: Advanced) $5.50 ppd. Click HERE to order.

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