Trendy, Striped, Fitted Cardigan with Darts for Teenage Daughter

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Sweater on daughter with closed buttonsSweater on daughter with open buttons

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19 February 2010: Demanding daughter has demanded a trendy v-neck cardigan that includes broad horizontal stripes, stockinette stitch, and wash and wear (acrylic) yarn. This isn't the sort of thing I normally do, being into natural fibers and not very basic, but whatever keeps daughter happy.

Start of striped cardigan

I actually began this project on February 15th, so I'd have a project to take along on a mini vacation I had planned. Glad I did, too. There were times when I needed something to do. After all, it's the middle of winter!

The plan for this sweater is a longish length, a v-neck, set-in sleeves, darts to shape it. The yarn is worsted weight and the gauge is 4.5 stitches per inch. So far, I've done about 2.5 inches of ribbing in gray, a two inch white stripe, and some of a gray stripe. Daughter likes the colors. That's all she's commented on. Well, really, the thing doesn't look like anything -- yet.

Completed back and one side

23 February 2010: Yesterday, I completed one of the front panels and sewed it to the completed back. Because daughter has a youthful figure, I've added darts to this design.

Start of second front panel

Guess I failed to mention previously that daughter was inspired by an online photo of a cardigan that is available at Forever 21. It's made of some sort of cotton blend and is shapeless; however, I guess it's supposed to have a very tight fit, kind of like those aerodynamic outfits olympians wear. Well, we kind of decided, between the two of us, that daughter's sweater should not fit that way, but be a bit more loose, so I added the darts to give it shape and follow the contours of her body.

Because the model sweater has kind of a wide v-neck, we're doing the same thing. We're also giving it set-in sleeves, for that tailored look that is so flattering. Hopefully, all this will actually work.

Assembled back and both front panels

24 February 2010: It's very early morning and I'm very tired. Have yet to get to bed. Have finished and assembled back and both front panels, and then put it on daughter. It looks horrible enough, but the button bands should help it along considerably -- I hope. As for daughter, she managed a very dorky facial expression for this shot, and two other shots were blurry, so I cropped off her head, which she appreciated. She actually seems happy with this thing so far. Amazing!

Worsted weight yarn and stockinette stitch make this thing feel like a quick-knit project. The only challenge is getting the proper shaping.

Completed button band

24 February 2010: It's late evening and the button band is completed. Unlike the silk shawl project, which was mine, daughter is fairly enthusiastic about trying this thing on and modeling it, except I happened to finish in the middle of Apolo Ohno, so the sweater had to wait a bit. First things first.

On to the sleeves.

Daughter wants cuffs to hang down to her knuckles and be about three inches long. This might work out perfectly, as it looks like that length will produce just the right stripe sequence, without any calculating on my part, so that everything matches at the armhole seams. Oh, wouldn't that be sweet!

Buttons and one sleeve added

25 February 2010: We bought buttons today and I finished one sleeve. I also sewed on the buttons and the sleeve. Daughter was not in a photo mood, so I'm having to settle for a floor shot on a busy rug. I love my rug, but it makes a bad photo background. Daughter did try the sweater on, and it does fit her nicely, but the proof will have to come later.

Buttons and one sleeve added plus daughter

26 February 2010: Daughter was agreeable to modeling the project today. In the meantime, I'm working diligently on the second sleeve. Hopefully, this thing will be finished sometime tomorrow.

27 February 2010: Finished at last. All the stitches are stitched, the seams are closed, the yarn ends are tucked. Daughter is not around at present, so there's no body to put it on. Later . . .

Completed sweater

28 February 2010: Photo shoot with daughter took place today, Sunday. I've put the photos at the beginning of this journal, above. We are both very pleased with the end result of our project. Daughter is cool.

24 March 2010: Daughter has been wearing this sweater a lot, which is an extremely good sign. Secretly, Mother is very pleased.

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