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Lac Vieux Desert sunrise - view from Idle-Wild

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Storm clouds over Lac Vieux Desert - view from Idle-Wild
Young loon on Lac Vieux Desert
Eagle in flight - seen from Idle-Wild over lake
Blue Heron - by Idle-Wild dock
Evening Colors West Shore - view from Idle-Wild
Night Storm on Lac Vieux Desert - view from Idle-Wild
River emerges from base of dam above Bond Falls
Dam's spillway channel above Bond Falls
Bond Falls Flowage reservoir at top of dam above Bond Falls
Upper Bond Falls
Bond Falls upper tiers
Bond Falls--the last big drop
Presque Isle River potholes, Porcupine Mountain
Presque Isle River and daring son at Porcupine Mountain
Storm coming in and a mad dash to shelter - view from Idle-Wild

Lac Vieux Desert and Bond Falls were not photography destinations. We spend a week on Lac Vieux Desert every year -- tradition. The macho males in my household fish; the rest of us must make our own fun. I have no problem doing that. Photo opportunies are endless, plus I bring various art projects.

We always stay at Pietenpol's Idle-Wild Resort (email). We stayed there when it was Holmes' Idle-Wild Resort. Tradition! (But now the Pietenpols are converting the resort to condos.) I always visit The Trading Post Internationale in Land o' Lakes. Harry and Barb have a huge selection of native and local art pieces to pick from, leather goods, beadwork, traditional garments from many places, so much more. Besides, they are fun and interesting.Smiley

The top photo is sunrise on Lac Vieux Desert. To fully appreciate the scene, click on this loon call link -- the only sound disturbing the peace of the moment. The following photos are: storm clouds in late afternoon, a loon (juvenile), eagle (updated 2006), blue heron, evening colors along west shore, a nighttime thunderstorm, Octonagon River resuming its course at the foot of the Bond Falls Dam, looking down the spillway of the dam, the Bond Falls Flowage, and the tiers and final big drop of Bond Falls. In 2006, I added two shots of the Presque Isle River at Porcupine Mountains, and a storm coming in over Lac Vieux Desert.

I had originally written: "The Ojibwa/Chippewa people called Lac Vieux Desert "Katikitegoning." The current name is French, and means "lake old desert." Don't ask me why. This lake is the Wisconsin River's source."

Someone named Giiwegiizhigookway Martin responded with (unedited): "Correction to your web page! You refer to Lac Vieux Desert as being called: Lake old Desert by the Ojibwe. Wrong - The Ojibwa/Chippewa people called this place Katiketigoning(somewhat true) spelling wrong - You further state that the current name Lac Vieux Desert is French and means - lake old desert. A highly inaccurate statement about Ketegetigaaning Ojibwe Nation people and the Lake itself. Our people inahabited this place since the early 1600's and have deep respect for this homeland. Number 1: The Ojibwe at Ketegetigaaning were named Chippewa by the French missionaires probably because they couldn't pronounce Ojibwe, and number 2: Katiketigoning does not mean Lake old Desert, it means Old Garden or planting grounds in our language. However, Lac Vieux Desert the French name of the Lake means Lake in the Clearing.#3 It is Ojibwe not Ojibwa. Thank you." (unedited copy/paste quote)

My updates are as follows:

A French speaking friend had given me the literal translation of lac vieux desert. Babelfish has updated the translation to "deserted old lake."

The local native people, who are Ojibwe, called Lac Vieux Desert " Katikitegon" (anglicized), meaning "old garden" or "planting grounds." The current name is French, literally meaning "lake old desert" (see: Babelfish), and more figuratively, "lake in the clearing." This lake is the Wisconsin River's source.

End of updates.

I decided that my non-fishing children could not spend the week sitting inside the cabin. I dragged them, kicking and screaming, to Bond Falls, where they discovered a wonderland worth seeing.

Bond Falls is east of Paulding, MI on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, below a reservoir and earthen dam. The falls goes on forever, and can easily be viewed along its entire course via an excellent trail, and boardwalk over the river below the falls.

I highly recommend climbing the dam first. From the top, I photographed the river where it emerges from the pipe under the dam, the course of the spillway, and the flowage/reservoir. There certainly are bigger dams in the world, but this structure is quite impressive.

Access to the falls trail is via the footbridge on the north side of the road. The next three photos are: upper falls, middle falls, the huge drop at the bottom that is actually, apparently, called Bond Falls.

We ended our wanderings with a visit to the Camp Store for generous servings of excellent ice cream.

In 2006 we went to Porcupine Mountains. I've added a few shots of the Presque Isle River, as it drops out of the highlands to Gitchie Gumee. I hope to add Lake of the Clouds next year. We ran out of time this year.

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