Lake Superior Agates -- Coiling Inserts and Great Lakes Basket

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Agates for coilingLake Superior Agate Inserts

Unpolished Beach Pebbles

Polished and ready for coiling

Set freeform cabochon for sale
Lake Superior agate freeform cab in setting
Lake Superior Agates
Gitchie Gumee minerals
Rocks of Lake Superior
rocks, agates, minerals of the Great Lakes
Lake Superior agate cabochon in handmade silver setting

Purchase Lake Superior Agates -- Jumbo prepared agates, at least 1½ inches, are $6.00 (UNAVAILABLE); large, averaging 1 inch, are $4.00; and small, averaging ½ inch, are $2.00 (UNAVAILABLE); set freeform cabochones are $25.00. Ordering Information. Other available gemstones and minerals can be viewed on my gems and minerals page.

To check pricing or purchase loose gemstones without coiling setting/mounting, via PayPal (no membership required), go HERE.

Shipping - All stone orders are shipped Priority. You will be charged $4.60 shipping for your stone order. Therefore, do not add the $3.35 book-order fee for Priority if you are also ordering printed materials, as they will be shipped with your stones, included in the stone-order shipping fee.

Land of the Great Lakes Basket

About Lake Superior and Its Agates - Lake Superior, called Gitchie Gumee (meaning "great water") by the native peoples, is the largest (surface area) fresh water lake in the world (Baikal is the deepest and contains more water). Its volcanic past has produced a wonderland of fascinating minerals; wave action deposits piles of interesting beach pebbles onto the shores, including agates.

Lake Superior agates are usually small and cannot easily be sliced. My agate inserts are polished beach pebbles. Agates are recognized by their uniform bands of color. Most Lake Superior agates are rust-colored.

Lake Superior

The combo basket, entitled Land of the Great Lakes, is worked entirely with artificial sinew, including the teneriffe eagle. The agate and eagle, both residents of the Great Lakes region, are featured components of this unique construction. The basket is 12" long, 8" wide, and 3.25" high. Its construction required many hours of thoughtful design and labor. Price is $550.00.

Minnesota Lake Treasures -- collector quality Lake Superior Agates


The photography is my own, including the top photo of a sunset over Gitchie-gumee at Calumet Waterworks, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan, 2003 autumnal equinox. The photo is entitled "The Lord Sees Me," one of His personal and intimate names. He certainly does see me. While on vacation, I went hunting for an accessible beach hoping for such a sunset. Only the Lord can make it happen!



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