Hand Carved Diamond Willow Mattah Hiking Walking Stick

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  • Diamond Willow Mattah Hiking Stick

    CLICK for available components.

    Contact me before placing any order. I frequently do not have enough time available to make these things. Some individual components are stocked or easily produced: set stones, leather grip (need stick circumference).

    This mattah (pronounced: mah-TAH), or prayer staff, which also doubles as a walking/hiking stick, is a hand carved piece of diamond willow by Witty's Willow, and decorated by me. I've set the three stones using gold filled wire. I also worked the lane beading using glass seed beads on woven cotton.

    I do not sell finished mattahs due to shipping challenges. If you are interested in purchasing the components of the mattah and assembling one yourself, please contact me. You'll need to purchase your stick of choice from Witty's Willow or another Ebay seller or a general search of Ebay for diamond willow. (I'm 5'9" and my personal sticks are about 60 inches.) See below for pricing on individual components. Delivery would be 4-5 weeks because everything is hand made after the order is placed, plus I have to run around purchasing certain items. Do keep in mind that this is a labor-intensive project.

    Diamond willow is not a species, but rather the result of a fungal attack on the wood of several species of willow. The fungus causes discolored patches around which the wood growth takes a new path. When the wood is cured and the bark peeled away, these revealed patches of diamond shaped patterns and streaks give the stick a most appealing appearance.

  • Wire wrapped polished stones: $25 and $35, depending on size and setting style. See stones.
  • Hand beaded seed-bead wrap, extra long: $50.
  • Leather braid: $10.
  • Pair of gemstone bead strings for braid: $10.
  • Leather grip with lacing: $15.

  • Beads are glass seed beads--very jewel-like.
  • Beading is worked on woven cotton glued to leather backing.
  • Half of the beading spells "Yeshua," the other half is a diamond design.
  • Stone beads are all semi-precious polished gemstones: garnet, amethyst, aventurine, tiger eye, sodalite, turquoise, blue goldstone, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian.
  • The large gemstones will vary subject to availability. Setting is gold filled wire, to prevent tarnishing. Samples are Lake Superior agate, amethyst, and unakite.
  • All cords are leather or suede.
  • The hand grip is smooth leather, heavy cowhide.
  • Feathers are optional. I use only legal feathers: wild turkey, guinea fowl, peacock.
  • Prices are for components fitting rods having about a seven inch circumference.

    UnakiteLake Superior agate and amethyst

    See Meanings Page for meanings of colors and components.

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