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Worship and Praise Equipment for the Christian Church

Praise and worship flag size banners for Christian churches constructed of China silk (Habotai) for purchase, also instructions for sale


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    The grip, beading, and braids need to be made to fit your circumference. Buy your stick first. You can purchase a closet pole from a lumber yard or find a very nice handmade hiking stick on Ebay or the internet. Look for things like wood walking stick, diamond willow stick, etc.


    Leather grip

    This item is a leather hand grip, custom cut to fit, and laced. The color is taupe. It is very heavy cowhide. The Lord is our provider. He provided leather garments for Adam and Eve when they could not clothe themselves properly. Price is $15.00 plus shipping.

    Wire wrapped cab on braid

    This item is a wire wrapped semi precious stone on a leather braid. The leather braids represent unity, as a cord of three strands is not easily broken. The stone represents the glory of God. My current selection of stones is HERE, along with prices. The braid, with the stone, must be glued to your stick.

    Beading geometric

    The beaded wrap is a custom item and it will take me at least a few days to complete it. A wrap for a typical closet pole circumference of four inches is $35. More than that, to the next inch, is $5.00 more. Add $5.00 for each increase to the next inch. You can choose a short word or diamonds/geometric. On some long ones, you might want both. Short words can be a personalization with your first or last name or initials, or "Jesus," or "Yeshua," or "Yahweh," for example. Colors are the same as for flags and scarves: see meanings.

    Wrap is beaded onto fabric and then glued to a strip of leather. The gemstone braid can be glued to the lower edge of the leather strip. A plain braid can be glued to the top edge. The entire assembly must be glued to the stick. Cost of plain braid is $2.00 each.

    Beaded Wrap

    Each Added Inch

    Plain Braid

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    All items have shipping prices added in, except the plain braid and additional wrap inches. If you end up being over-charged for shipping, I do reimburse excess. All items are shipped via U.S. Priority. Whenever possible, I charge only the actual shipping fee.

    My closet pole mattah.

    My walnut mattah.

    My diamond willow mattah.

    Beading letters

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