Memorial to my Precious Friend, Donna

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Memorial photo art for church displayDonna

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall wallk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Donna was my very good friend.

We belonged to the same church, First Assembly, for years; she was there when I started attending in the mid eighties.

We had little contact until the mid nineties, when a back-up computer operator was needed. Donna was already doing that job, but the demands were greater than one or two persons could handle and I volunteered. Along with that job, our friendship began to bloom.

At first I didn't know how to take Donna, but as time passed I found her to be a generous, encouraging, positive friend, faithful and devoted. We learned that we both liked to wander the countryside in search of gorgeously scenic places. We often did this together. Donna amazed me! It was impossible for her to get lost. She had an innate sense of direction that blew me away. I had thought my sense of direction was good, but she beat me soundly.

Donna loved adventure, probably more than any other friend I have. She was always willing to go exploring with me, which was one more significant thing that I treasured about her. She showed me many places I had not known existed, and always took such delight in my delight.

No one can fill the place Donna occupied in my heart and life. There had been a void, she filled it, and now that void is raw and empty. I dearly love this friend, and look forward to seeing her again in eternity. The parting was awful. The reuniting will be exquisite joy.

A month or two after Donna had died, one of my pastors asked if I would create a memorial wallhanging of some sort for her. I had an idea. Donna and I had frequently driven down to the river during the winter months to view all the bald eagles. I would bring my camera and hunt for photogenic things, and use a big telephoto lens to try to capture the birds in flight. From this collection of photos, I combined a winter sun through overcast sky and tree limbs plus two eagles. I added the scripture verse because Donna liked it and its eagle analogy. I had it printed on stretched canvas.

Pastor Joan and I worked out the frame together using the services of a local store. We also added an engraved brass memorial plate.

This thing can never replace our Donna, but it will always be at the church as a reminder of this precious one that we have lost.


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