Nantucket Lightship Basket by Wendy Marshall

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Round Nantucket lightship basket with cover and handle
Cover and full height of lightship basket
Cover of lightship basket
Underside of base of lightship basket
Macro detail of cranberry basket scrim
Macro detail handle hinge

I ordered this Nantucket Lightship Basket from Cape Cod resident and basket maker Wendy Marshall. For a long time I had wanted a lightship basket, but I wanted it to be traditional and authentic, made by a skilled and knowledgeable resident, having all original-type components, including real (legal) ivory and scrimshaw on ivory.

A visual tells much more than words, so I've included several photos. Dimensions are always helpful, so... the height of the basket, not including cover or handle, is 43/8 inches. The diameter of the opening is 4¾ inches. The diameter of the scrimshaw knob (cranberry basket) and also the pineapple inset is ¾ inch. The wood components are cherry: base, lid, handle, rim, and staves. Everything is formed to perfection. The whole basket is so perfect.

Wendy shared a bit of interesting lore with me regarding the cranberry basket scrim. "Cranberries are an integral part of the old Cape Cod economy. The old cranberry bogs were usually near the marshes and certainly part of the life of those who also harvested the sea, and as such, they are in their own way nautical, if you know the old ways. For those who don't, it just looks great and happy."

I had originally intended to choose something "nautical" for the top scrim; in the end, I chose the cranberry basket because it was, in its unique way, most complementary.

The cranberry basket scrim and hinge photos are magnified "macro" shots to show detail. See above for actual dimension of scrim.

Wendy also works with maple, walnut and oak. Customers choose their preferred components.

Thank you, Wendy. I love it!



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