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Palm Vx

I won my Palm Vx in June of 2001. I would never have gone out to buy such an expensive "toy" that I could live without, but now I can't live without it. I've been adding software to it; this page will feature links to my free software sources. Enjoy!

Of course, being a Christian, I had to put a Bible on my Palm. Olive Tree's Bible Reader software and version lexicons are excellent. The Bible Reader (a must for reading your lexicon) is free. Some of the Bible versions are free (like King James), and others cost a modest amount. I chose King James.

Peg's Work

You can download the Reader and a version to your Palm desktop software and install both at same time; you can add other versions later. After adding the software, I still had lots of storage space left.

Be sure to invest in screen protector sheets!

Tons of great Palm freeware: FreewarePalm. Download the zip file(s) to your hard drive and unzip. Install the ".prc" file, then HotSync your Palm.

Lots of software here: Palm Pilot Archives

Be sure to try About.Com: Palm Software page.

Palm itself also has lots of stuff at their Software Connection.



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