Petrified Wood

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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Premium Petrified Wood

Gemstone Sampler

Large Premium Petrified Wood (pictured) - $5.00 with coiling setting. Ordering Information

To check pricing or purchase gemstones without coiling setting, via PayPal (no membership required), go HERE.

Premium - The stones I offer are whole pieces of twigs and stems. In other words, they look like plant parts, which is part of their unique appeal.

Shipping -- All stone orders are shipped Priority. You will be charged $4.00 shipping for your stone order, and all products included in that order are then shipped Priority, at no extra charge beyond the $4.00. Therefore, do not add the $3.35 book-order fee for Priority if you are also ordering printed materials, as they will be shipped with your stones, included in the stone-order shipping fee.

Petrified Wood - These stones are "native"--they are found in some of the Rocky Mountain states. Because the baskets are made from pine needles, I thought petrified wood would coordinate very well--all tree products.Smiley Large stones are around 1½ inch; small stones are around ½ inch.

Ordering Information.

Other available gemstones and minerals can be viewed on my gems and minerals page.

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