Alabama--Coushatta Baskets by Joyce Poncho and Florence Robinson

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen
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To learn how to make these baskets, check out "Coiled Art with Pine Needles."

Years ago, when I first discovered that I loved pine needle baskets, my mom gave this to me (above photo). Someone had given it to her and it was already old and the colors faded (I repainted the raffia). It was made by a Coushatta woman from Texas named Florence Robinson--there was a card inside. Dimensions: 5" diameter X 3.75" high. Joyce Poncho, a relative of Florence, is also Coushatta and a basket maker. The other basket was made by Joyce.


Florence (1996)

Joyce Poncho

Joyce's Basket

Joyce's Basket



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