Intimacy with God Secret Place Seminars in Fox Cities area

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If you are interested in attending one or more seminars on intimacy with God, including but not limited to doing spontaneous, improvisational spiritual singing, please submit the form, below, so I can gather a head count, make appropriate arrangements, and schedule times. These sessions will either be held in my home or at my church, depending on group size and availability.

The church is a nondenominational fellowship that meets in south Appleton near Sergio's. We are Christians who embrace the full gospel and the inerrant truth of the scriptures.

Secret Place intimacy with the Living God is the key and point of the whole Christian life. By learning to dwell in the Secret Place (Ps.91), in intimate and continuous fellowship with our Heavenly Father, we become empowered to be all that He created us to be. These seminars are intended to help open this door to believers.

These will not be classroom style sessions; rather, we will spend our time entering and remaining in the Lord's awesome presence. A pillow, blanket, and your Bible are recommended equipment.

As for singing in the Spirit, this will be included but is not the main point of the seminars. There is great joy and freedom in worshiping "in spirit and in truth" during intimate times with the Lord.

I am new at this kind of teaching and am learning. It springs from a vision the Lord has been unfolding to me for a few years, but it is untried. You'll need to bear with me. Nevertheless, it's a valid vision. When God is in something, there is much to be gained even through a novice.


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