Extended Coiling Loops -- Extensions

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bowl with extension loops

Inspired by O'Brian Trawick and Sue Cowell, this was an experiment with a fretwork base insert and some whimsical extensions. Excluding the extensions, the bowl is 11" X 10" by 2.75" deep.

To make the extensions, it's a good idea to plan to work each extension over at least two coiling rows, as they require a couple rows for strength and stability. To make an extension, first row, simply keep adding pine needles to your coil, but don't attach the coil. Wrap your stitching thread around it instead. The thread will more or less dictate the wrap spacing. Play around with that first extension coil as you create it, to see how it will bend for you, and how long it must be to get the shape to it that you want. You might want to soak the pine needles, to start, for more flexibility. When there's enough coil to achieve the shape and size you want, reattach it at the place you desire it to be reattached, and continue coiling/stitching as usual. On the second and any subsequent rows, simply follow the path of the first extension as you stitch the next row to it. You can probably use your stitch preference beginning with the second row of the loop, but you can only wrap the first row.


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