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I work with a limited number of carefully selected clients that are a good match for what I do, especially small businesses that mostly want to just advertise. Some clients are better served elsewhere, and I advise accordingly.

I specialize in well written searchable websites that actually show up in search engines (SEO - search engine optimization). This is important because many sites do not, except maybe by business name. If customers know what they're looking for, but don't know your name, how would they find you? They need to be able to find you by product or service names. You gain nothing if you have a beautiful state of the art web site that is buried on the internet.

I personally recommend sites be hosted at Christian Web Host and domain names be purchased at Go Daddy. I've found the best pricing with these two providers. I prefer you register your own domain and hosting. If I take care of it for you, I do it in your name.

I design sites that are easily and efficiently edited for future needs as your information expands, which means I can probably be very prompt about making updates and additions to your site.

Most sites can be put up quickly for under $500.

Sample sites include:

  • Peg's Basketry - this site/one of my personal sites.

  • Peg's Hand Knitting - one of my personal sites.

  • Home-Away Lodging Alternative

  • Great Northern Livery Company, Inc.
  • Cool Breeze Ranch
  • O'Brian Fretwork
  • Full Life Designs -- under construction
  • SALT International -- under construction



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