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My Ribbons!

I never enter competitions. The last time I entered one was when I was in sixth grade -- that is, until recently. I decided to enter some of my pine needle baskets and hand knitting in the county fair. We never even go to the fair! I thought, though, that it would be interesting to see what would happen.

I asked a friend of mine, the person who taught me how to make reed baskets, if she would join me. She agreed. Hurray!

Judging took place on 13 July 2000. Each of the pine needle baskets got first place, three of my four hand knits got first place, and one got second place. Judging took all day, and I couldn't stay to see if any merit awards--the highest award--would be given. I returned on July 14 and found that my big "masterpiece" basket had gotten a merit, as did my latest Norwegian sweater. This was totally thrilling, as only one merit can be given per category, and only if the judge considers one of the items worthy enough.

My friend, who is a reed basket weaver, got one first place, two second places, and one third place--all of her entries placed.



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